We are Business Intelligence, but with an uncomplicated and direct approach. Our solutions are designed with your workforce and existing architecture in mind and are scalable so that you can begin small and build onto new systems as your organisation grows.

In today’s industry there is a growing demand for the latest visualisations that technology can provide, but there is also a lack of skilled technicians to implement these projects and to maintain them. Stayley can help you evaluate which technologies would suit your business best. Having 'all bells and whistles' is good, for example, but have you ever considered whether your existing system could have delivered a similar solution; or even if you have the resources to react to newly discovered facts?

Underpinning all solutions is, of course, data. But far too many implementations are built on bad data. Stayley are expert at spotting work practices that generate bad data and can eliminate problems that may have hidden problems for years. We combine all our solutions with an extensive suite of data cleaning techniques and can automate many of the processes for error correction. Stayley can work with you to ensure that your information is current, backed up by solid facts and simple to maintain.